Oh learned fools
Confident demise
Structured lives
Suits and ties
you gave
and gave
and it took
with a warm smile
life seemed grand
a spectacle
a gift
that you ignored
and delivered
to another
your life
built on straw
an hollow heart
the promise
the glue
it holds you
binds you
and masked
with silver bars
in equal rows
that shimmer brightly
and dazzle
the dance it asks
return its evil
masked mirror gold
in pretty straight lines
til you see no further
your pale face
shruken and weak
stares back
the cage complete
the mirror polished
too late
too late
the window gone
the gear turned
and you lost
lost what you cry
in deaths rattle
and back a whisper
what else you fool
what else

The Endless Life of Jerry Jones

The endless life of Jerry Jones
He drinks, he whores, and he runs
Work is done day in, day out
The mouse on the wheel, the point of it all
Rolled on grass in foreboding ways towards a pretended goal
Do you like the pain
Defeat and chaotic emptiness
Never more this game of horns and shakes
The pit that you believe traps all, ends all
For if that were the end
What you have now
Would you want it
Would you chase ghosts and nightmare lives and rain clouds

The Three

A path I can walk through blind
following a lighthouse I can't see
Swimming in a vast dark sea
lured by a sirens call I can't hear
The sweet scent guiding
my lumbering feet
to my designed abyss

The mountain lies at the horizon
between us a thick fog of trials
They blend with the landscape
surrounding me in silk covered
drifting clouds
In murky swamps
with nightmarish hounds

I do not fear them
There is no innate harm in them
no malice
They exist to pass through
Great teachers of impermanence
Enjoy them
bask in their glow
without clouds
without swamps
the journey is painted with a dry brush
the journey--painted in hues of ecstasy and despair
is the mountain
the destination
the path

I will drift high into the clouds
I will grind my palms into the stinking mud
and then I will return on my journey
and my teachers will be at my side


Groove the vibrations
Disturb not that inner sanctum
Its mellow yawnings go to great lengths of weaved fabric
Crash against life's spindling and wreak rippled havoc
One must listen, in step
As clouds dangle pillowed causeways led to infinity
Follow that lighthouse guiding dark nights and quivered corners
Caution not your tuned steps
For they take you home